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    can you make more space for install ??my pre says "install failed: not enough install space: without deleteing any apps any help anybody?????
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    I get the same message just trying to update an existing app that is already on my phone. I've been scouring the forums trying to find a solution, but no luck so far.

    Update... Solution found... Delete an unused app... Bye Bye Connect Four... Sure wish I could throw out Nascar, but since Sprint has a revenue store associated with Nascar, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon...
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    I believe that there's a way to delete OEM apps by rooting.
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    Im having the same message.. hope someone here help us ASAP... homebrews apps are growing fassstttttt
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    Many threads on this topic several of which I have replied to and one most recent I replied to linking to the others I replied to. All you will even want to know on this issue will be found in those threads and threads linked to in them. Common ground seems to be with those installing homebrew, I'm assuming app catalog apps alone aren't enough to fill up the space allocated yet.

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