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    I don't know if this is happening because i'm currently roaming abroad... But my palm pre is answering almost every incoming call I receive. I have noticed that it does specially when it's charging (usb cable, I don't have the touchstone).

    Please help!!!.
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    I had this problem with 1.0.4 and I had several calls with Palm customer support. Eventually, they had me wipe the phone which caused it to brick and I ended up reinstalling 1.0.4 from the WebOS doctor and I have not seen the problem since.

    Make sure your battery is fully charged before you attempt to wipe the phone as the WebOS doctor will not run if the battery has a low charge. When my phone was in the bricked state, my phone would not charge either when connected to the wall charger or through a USB port on a computer with the official cable and charger.

    I have no idea what caused the problem but it seemed to start not long after I upgraded to 1.0.4 and around the same time I started using a third-party charger and cable from I have no idea if either of those changes resulted in this problem..

    Since then, I have mostly used the official cable and charger though I sporadically use the monoprice cable and charger and have not seen the problem since. I also upgraded to WebOS 1.1 the day it came out so if you are running 1.0.4 with official cables/charger, perhaps upgrading will help.
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    thank you meandmypre for replying...

    Right now i have webos 1.1 and never had this problem with older versions.

    i can confirm that this happens only when i have the phone charging with the cable. I'm using the official one. The one that came with my pre...

    I hate this!!!... do you really think i should use webos doctor when everything else works perfectly?. Please help.
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    Have you contacted Palm or Sprint and reported this as a problem? I worked with Palm's phone support but I was still in the free period. They claimed I was the first to see this behavior, so it would be useful to let them know someone else is having the problem so they have a chance of fixing this. I would think we cannot be the only two. Since it doesn't seem to happen often, telling them how to reproduce it is very useful if you know how to do reproduce it.

    I assume you have attempted the restart the phone multiple times and it has not helped. After that, Palm support had me go through the various Reset scenarios under "Device Info -> Reset Options". First was Partial Erase and the next was Full Erase. They had me disable backup before I did that in the event that some configuration or app was causing the problem. In my situation, Partial Erase did not help and Full Erase (after several failed attempts) bricked my phone so I had to use WebOS doctor.

    Full Erase should be the same as using WebOS doctor, but I found it left my device without the intro video, etc, as it deletes everything including the USB exposed directory so I was kind of glad I had to use WebOS doctor after the Full Erase anyway to get the phone back to the out of the box state.

    Keep in mind if you end up doing a full erase, you lose all the data not available in the "cloud" such as the manual links for your contacts (unless they fixed this), your text messages, pictures, music, etc. I think there are ways to back up all of this externally, though you probably have to root the phone to get to the file that stores your text messages.

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