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    I own an Ipod 2g 32gb, loaded with music and videos.. You kinda have to on the ipod since a) can't listen to podcasts without downloading first or using an app that goes away when you try to multitask b) video rentals c) well, it's a music player

    On my pre, I haven't actually added anything on (pictures live here, but that's it..) - I'm finding that the cloud serves my media needs well - something that the ipod 2g couldn't really do... For me, the 8gb is sufficient..

    Anyone else have issues with just having 8gb's?
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    I am using about 5gb right now. I have about 300 songs on my phone, and around 100 pictures I took. I also have a large number of homebrew apps on my phone.

    8GB is fine for me, but to be honest I wouldn't mind more. a 16GB model would have been awesome. Or even if they had a micro sd card reader. But, the 8GB works for me and I am plenty pleased with my Pre.

    I can't wait until everything gets optimized!
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    I only have 300MB of space left . I put a bunch of music on my Pre. I also put many photos.
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    I have about 1.3GB free...since I first got my pre in the beginning. I think I only listened to my entire mp3 collection on my phone once, completely.
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    I still have 4 gigs left on mine. And that's after photos, music and a few movies loaded on it. I listen to Pandora more than the actual music on my Pre, so I don't have a lot of music loaded on it. And once we get flash, I probably won't need so many videos on my Pre.
    So, no, 8gb isn't an issue with me.
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    I believe I still have a little under 6gb left. I put about 2gb worth of music and haven't really had an opportunity to use the camera yet. I use pandora for my music needs since it can just about mimic my music library. I would have liked a micro sd card slot but so far space hasn't been an issue.
    -Viva la Pre!
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    I have approx 500 MB left but I have 400 plus songs, 2,100 plus photos (crazy I know), 5-6 30 min videos. I have also discovered that I listen to Pandora much more than I listen to my music library. I will probably off load most of my albums and just keep songs I really really like which will free up quite a bit of storage and I need to clean up my photo galleries and not be so crazy there either. LOL. So really, I am doing fine with 8GB though as most would say "It'd be nice to have more in case"
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    I have just under 1GB free. Mostly music and about 100 pics. The music is for when I don't have access to Pandora (which has become my second love, second to my Pre).

    --Ahh... what a dream. Both my loves are in bed and play well together. ;-)
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    5.6gigs left on mine. I have a few albums of my most prefered music the pictures I have taken since launch and a few wallpapers. Along with 7 homebrew apps. I just dont feel the need to load up my Pre with my music/movie collection. I have a 30 gig Zune (Limited Edition Halo 3) for such things. Then again I carry a Maxpidition Versipack Jumbo with me every where I go so having a Phone, MP3 player and Netbook with assorted cables and chargers is no big deal to me. Expandable memory would have been better but I am happy with what I have.
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    oh well, its not quite enough for me, I have about 9 Gb music , so I decided to put a gig worth of it , for the rest of the music I use pandora.
    Speaking of which , the phone just dies trying to open a photos that is more than 4 mb or even a large PDF.
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    I had about 2 gigs left but when I got rid of the unnecessaries (sc) I have a bout 5.5 left. I've used more than 6 gigs on a phone before
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    I'm used to maintaining my media to fit 8GB since I'm an ipod/iphone user. But im constantly running out of room because I use itunes to sync podcasts so the amount fluctuates.

    I know a lot of people make excuses for why "8 is enough" but just like with the camera, it only costs pennies to increase the specs so why cheap out on the customer.
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    I have over 6! I mostly have pictures of my kids and use Pandora for music, so I doubt I'll ever be close to filling it up. Even if I decide to put music on it, I don't have enough music I'll actually want in there to fill it. But, still, I would've preferred to have removable storage. It's just really convenient and save a lot of hassle when you have to clear your phone or switch phones for whatever reason.
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    Pictures only for me....have 7 GB left.
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    I only have 1GB left on mine.

    Music & Pictures

    Lucky for me I have a 32GB Ipod Touch

    Scratch that on top, I had to start deleting stuff.
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    I have about 25GB of music. I just synced my Favorite / top rated songs and only have about 1GB left
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    About 2.0 gb left - have 157 songs, 17 episodes of Futurama (Season 4), and 3 episodes of Dexter (Season 2).
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    I have a bunch of videos on it, mostly, maybe 40 songs, and maybe 100 pics from the Pre. There wasn't even space left to take a picture before I went through and deleted most/half of the videos.

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    I only have about 500MB left... I'm really looking forward to a larger capacity pre. I never buy 1st gen products and the pre is the first ever 1st gen product I bought. Yes I love it that much.
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    6.5GB left 74 songs about 100 pics about 30 homebrew apps I use PrePod more than anything not that into much music so 8GB is great for me
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