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    yes, I have to keep deleting stuff!
    Robert L
    Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
    - Palm Pre (Sprint) - formally Palm Treo 650
    Sprint Configuration 2.3
    Model: P100EWW
    Hardware Version: A
    Firmware: CC1.4(510)

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    I def wish it had a microsd slot. Shortly after getting the phone my ipod 160gb was stolen and I decided to just use the pre as my portable music player. Unfortunately I have over 200gb of music, which even my previous 40gb ipod couldn't keep up with what I wanted on it... So ya.... Wish there was more.
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    If we get audible for WebOS instead of Classic, I'll need it.
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    I have around 150MB left I think. Got about 800 songs, 2 full movies, 3 hour-long HBO episodes, and 65 pics or so. I have a lot more music at home but I figure a) if I can't fit it all then there's no need to fuss about having a semi-huge amount of space to work with- I haven't seen a 60+GB phone yet and you still have plenty of room on it for enough tunes to last you as long as a flight from your town to your town taken around the globe... you just have to filter & count up what goes on it or find some way to randomly grab a percent of it, which I've managed to do; and b) I have Pandora and between the 800+ songs I have and that app, I have waaay more than enough music to go out with... and movies to watch too, AND, also Youtube to pull up songs-- and even the videos to those songs which I don't already have as MP3's on the phone (kind of an on-demand service of sorts), so i'm good. There's no shortage of entertainment on this phone and the app catalog isn't even stacked yet. Homebrew is great too in the meantime.
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    I've gotten it to a little over 6 GB used because I got lazy on keeping up with my podcasts for a few days and had roughly 4 GB's of podcasts on the Pre. Normally, my Pre usually sits at about 3 GB free... so the lack of any expansion memory isnt really a problem for me.

    Just my .02... L8R.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    ............. it only costs pennies to increase the specs so why cheap out on the customer.
    I agree! If Palm really wanted to compete with iPhone they should have at least released a 16 G model.
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    3.5 gbs for me wit 3 1/2 movies 30 or 40 songs and a ton of apps its more than enough 4 me i just want to know how much life your phone gets wit the 1400 bat upgrade than the current 1200
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    I have a little over a GB left. I have like 30 episodes of Bugs Bunny, 4 or 5 full length movies, and about 40 episodes of Family Guy. The Family Guy is for me and my wife when we get stuck waiting somewhere and the Bugs and movies are for my 4 year old when he's getting antsy when we go out to eat or something. Sprint TV is cool, but sometimes you can't get a good signal in order to use it. I also keep a bunch of manuals and spec sheets in PDF for the systems work that I do.
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    I currently have about 4gb free. My music collection is just over the 20gb mark, so it's not like the entire thing would fit anyway. I only have about 500 select songs on there. I use my 30gb (1st gen) zune for my music/video needs, because well, it gets way better battery life. I actually plan on taking the music I currently have on my Pre off. I used itunes (it's just not for me-ugh) to sync with the Pre, because I wanted to make sure album art showed up on the phone. It didn't, so there's no point in that, might as well drag and drop.

    Back on topic, 8gbs is plenty for my needs, since I already have a portable media device.
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