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    I've had a continuous problem where the web browser is "misaligned" when I start it up and I have a heck of a time getting it to align with the way I'm holding the Pre. For example, the browser will launch in landscape mode even though I'm not holding the device that way. Holding the phone the "normal" way, trying to twist etc, etc doesn't seem to fix the problem.

    Is there a way to get the screen to re-orient itself? Is anyone else having this problem? It doesn't happen every time, but certainly enough that it's becoming a bit of a nuisance...

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    go into device info then go to the bottom and hit more info. then hit preferences and run the interactive tests and then quick tests and that should fix your problem. this will also tell you if something is wrong with your screen.
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    I'll second TheTruth's answer as it worked for me.

    One other thing. My Pre is very particular about the angle at which you are holding it. It has to be perpendicular to the floor or it wont rotate the screen.
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    Wow, thanks - I will give that a try, never knew that was hidden back there...

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