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    I have a Ford Fusion with Sync. Whenever I'm in the car and get an incoming call, it goes into "Privacy Mode" when I answer. It rings over the system, but as soon as I answer, it goes directly into privacy mode. I've played around with it and can't figure out why it's happening. I had lots of other troubles with my old Treo 700P and Sync, but not this one.

    Also, when I make an outgoing call, it works perfectly. It's INCOMING calls when this happens.

    Anybody got any suggestions?
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    Man, I wish I could just get a Sync system installed in my vehicle (07 Mazda CX-9)!!

    Sorry I cant answer your question.
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    Are you answering with the phone or the controls on the car. I know with my BT headset if I press the answer button on the phone it sometimes only goes through the phone, and I have to select the headsey with he drop down in the phone app. If you aren't already try using the answer button on the car.
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    aside from this issue, how do you like the pre with sync? I'm looking at getting a car with it but i'd like to know what features it would add (working with the pre)
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    I really like the Sync system. It works well, except for this weird issue with privacy mode. I usually answer the phone by touching it, so I'm going to give it a shot answering with the button on the steering wheel and see if it helps. My favorite thing about Pre+Sync is streaming Pandora on it. The sound quality is good and I LOVE Pandora. It's like having XM for free. I could never get my Treo to stream, so I'm using that feature a lot now.

    People who call me can tell something's different, but it's not hard to understand me, and I hear them just fine.
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    Well did it work? I don't have a ford but am curious as to the solution to your problem.
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    I have the SYNC on my Flex and I dont have any problems. With my Edge when i picked up and it was in private mode, I would just hit the screen with Private mode and it would work.
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