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    Now when ever I have an app in card mode in swipe it.. There is no sound... Idk what happened.. I turned up the sounds all the way and everything... Thays the only sound so far. Please help me... I miss the sound

    P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum...
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    It comes and goes randomly. It'll be back.
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    you can always reboot your Pre to get it used to happen to my previous pre, but my new pre always has that sound (no matter how many times i reboot)'s a bug that will be fixed prob. in the next update.
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    It may be a bug, and it may appear to randomly come and go, but there's more to it than that.

    The general consensus among people stupid enough to waste time testing these things (like me) is that, however loud you have your system sound set at the time you reboot/reset your Pre, affects the swoosh sound volume until you reboot again. If you want the sound back on full volume, set your system sound to full volume and then reboot the Pre. Once you're happy with the swoosh volume, you can set your system sound however you want and the swoosh volume won't be affected (unless you reboot).

    If that's not weird enough, only the right 1/3rd of the the system sound slider has any effect on swoosh volume. In other words: full volume = full volume, 2/3 volume and everything to the left of that is almost completely silent, and the 1/2 volume swoosh sound is in the 7/8 range on the slider.

    Ironically, you must set the volume where you think you want it, reboot the Pre, and 2 minutes later, check the swoosh volume. (I wasted far too much time figuring this out.)

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