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    I've been waiting to get a pre since february however my 2 year contract is finally expiring the next few days so i can finally get my pre. is there a better time to get it or does it matter. I wasn't sure if there bout to make a few hardware changes to improve performance or somethin like that. I want to get it asap but if theres a new update soon i think i can wait. thanks for the help in advance
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    There are not going to be any updates, and it seems they have fixed all the early issues. Now's the time! Get your Pre and have a ball!
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    Welcome to the Forum!

    I can't remember any phone in recent history that got hardware changes done to it during its lifetime. Just about every modern smart phone gets regular software changes (WinMo phones, iPhone, Blackberry, they all get firmware upgrades), but none of them get any hardware changes. Instead they just bring out the next generation phone the following year. So if you want an improved Pre, then I believe you would have to wait until the next generation Pre will come out. When will that be? Who knows.... if they go by the Apple time table, a new one would be out next June, but the Pre and WebOS are brand new, so who knows how long it will take for a new Pre to come out.

    You are also asking in a Forum where just about everyone that wasn't up for renewal yet, and lots of people that didn't care about the cost, got a Pre as soon as they could get their hands on one.

    Long story short.....why wait?

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    K thanks. is there anytime idea on when webOs 1.2 is bein released and what r they changes? and yes it is
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    Quote Originally Posted by xstang05x View Post
    K thanks. is there anytime idea on when webOs 1.2 is bein released and what r they changes? and yes it is
    No real idea when 1.2 will be out. Something tells me there might be some intermittent updates before they go to 1.2. But Palm has been pretty good rolling out updates for the Pre.

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    Sounds good man. ya mines not too fast only added a few things. nothing too serious but mostly did all exterior
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    No offense but this isn't a thread to which I would normally respond.

    But since I get to use a favorite line from a favorite movie, Mean Streets, let me say that "Now is the time!".

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