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    I have installed nearly every homebrew app on my pre (and deleted the ones I won't use. They used to install fine but lately when I install a new homebrew app they won't show up on my pre. Even if I install via file coaster they don't show up.

    When I install by dragging the ipk file on the palm-install.bat file they "appear" to install. But as mentioned they do not show up on the pre.

    With file coaster they download 100% but fail to install.

    I have 6 gb free memory and have not maxed out my apps. Also deleted 5 apps tonight and still can't add one new one back.

    I have re-booted my pre several times.

    Anyone else getting this problem? Any suggestions?
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    I've been having this too. I don't know if this was it but I couldn't get a single app to install either method until after I deleted the more advanced apps like mytether, and the geotracker gps apps, then I got a few smaller more simple apps to install.
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    First of all, the 7.4GB of space IS NOT FOR APPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (did that get the point accross?)

    The apps are stored in the /var directory which, right now, will NOT let anything in if it is ~70% full. You might have too much installed in the /var folder like too much optware or homebrew apps.

    Sorry if that came off as angry.
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    So i am having the same problem with installing homebrew apps.. So i erased all homebrew apps on my pre and i still can't get any new homebrew apps on my pre.. Anyone know why or have any other suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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    What about apps from the app catalogue? Those take up the same space. So if you download & install a bunch of those apps, you can & will have the same issue.
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    I hit the same problem and discovered *ahem* from searching the limited amount of space. Makes me wonder if that has something to do with the reason the App catalog is still in Beta. You can not add that many apps, does not do to good to have an extensive app catalog if you can not install much.

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