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    Anyone else do fantasy football/baseball/etc. through CBS sportsline? Wonder how you are accessing it with the Pre? Straight Website? Is there a mobile website link?
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    There seems to be a bug in the live scoring part though and it only shows 75% of my cuts off the last few pitchers and my reserves.

    Other than that it works perfect!
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    The same thing happens to me on the mobile site for live scoring....but if you rotate the screen to landscape view, you can see everything.

    I use the regular sportsline site for everything except the live scoring (it doesnt work on the pre, guess because it uses flash). Setting lineups, player news, stats, standings, message boards, etc... all work fine on the regular site.
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    Regular site is fine jus there's a bug in the add/drop menu that won't let you add on regular site. Any else have this issue?
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    Yeah, I missed out on getting a closer. It let me drop the guy, but I didn't realize no one had been added until it was too late. Grrr...
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    So, yeah, I just checked out the regular site on my pre and it loads up fine. The issue is that the live scoring page uses a flash socket to update the scores 'live'. Since there is no flash on the pre it can't use that so you have to manually refresh the page to get new scoring stats. I think the page is set to refresh every like 2 min or something like that anyways.

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