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    Ok, so I bought a 4 pack of Rocketfish Screen Protectors for the iPhone at Best Buy for super cheap. $2.00, so 50 cents a piece.

    These ones to be exact:
    RocketFish 4 Screen Protectors for iPhone NEW - eBay (item 250389194087 end time Aug-10-09 11:49:31 PDT)

    I would have linked to the Best Buy page, but it didn't show the packaging and I thought the visual cue might help someone answer the question.

    Anyways, my idea is to cut them to fit my Pre.
    I bought a case/guard for the Pre at a cell phone outlet place and it's great, but I also want to protect the screen since with the new case I won't be using the little sleeping bag the Pre came with.

    My questions is...

    Will the iPhone screen protectors damage my Pre in any way. It may sound like a dumb question, sure, but the iPhone screen is glass and the Pre is not so I wasn't sure about it.

    I figured it would be better to be ridiculed in the forum than to totally mess up my Pre.

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    LOL No your fine. Went to an AT&T store the day I got my Pre, bought a pack off iphone screen protectors and used the OEM one as a template. Worked great.

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