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    A while back I posted some notification sounds and it seems like everyone liked them so today i thought I would zip up some ring tones from the upcoming Touch Pro 2. These are mp3 quality and sound awesome on the pre or any other phone for that matter

    Please please please if you like these don't forget to hit Thanks
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    here is one more
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    I listened to a few. I thought they were pretty good although I love putting my favorite song as a mp3. Just a personal thing.
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    most of the stuff I listen to I would put on mp3 also, but there are so many swears on most of the lyrics. I would get kicked out of church lol
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    Hey thanks there THETRUTH cool ringtones indeed...
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    Thanks, THETRUTH. I did a search on notification & THETRUTH, but only saw this thread. Where is the one with your notifications posted.
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    Haha could you zip them all into one file for the lazy?
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    the thread has a restriction on the size of the file. that is why I had to seperate them.
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    Thanks! Its nice to have real ringtones and these are NICE!

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