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    So I added a bunch of songs to a folder in my music folder. When I open the music player, I cannot find the songs because it seems that the folders don't show up, just albums, playlists, etc. Do I really have to tag each song to show up in a single folder? It seems very Itunes(ish), rather than your standard drag and drop mp3 player, which I prefer.
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    The Pre IS your standard drag-and-drop mp3 player. Just create a custom folder named "My Music" (or whatever you want) in your Pre via USB drive and navigating through My Computer. Then all you have to do is drag and drop your .mp3 into the folder. The Pre searches for any compatible sound files and adds them to the music player.
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    mp3 tags (AKA id3 tags) predate (haha get it?) itunes by several years. it's not really itunes-ish at all. if anything, itunes bucked the system by using a crazy file folder system that has no meaning to anyone except the program itself, whereas other media players will keep your music nice and organized in the \artist\album structure, or not mess with the file system at all. almost all media players i'm familiar with nowadays use id3 tags though.

    if none of your music is tagged with id3 or with just id3 version 1 (version 2 is a lot better- supports album art and stuff), that's a real bummer and i highly recommend remedying that. some google searching will reveal a TON of tagging tools. i haven't had to do it in a long time or i'd recommend something.

    i do know you can edit tags on mp3s natively in windows now, and you can edit multiple files at the same time. for example, to change the album name for a bunch of files at the same time, select them all and right-click-> properties-> details tab.

    i hope that was at least slightly helpful.
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    PreGk, I do feel your pain. Sometimes I like how the pre sorts the music, sometimes I want the good ol' user-created folder structure (not using tags at all).

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