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    Our Pre suffered a broken touch screen after a run in with a car door closing on it. We've successfully received and activated our replacement, but I'd like to erase everything on the phone before I send the broken phone back. And therein lies the problem.

    All of the directions I see for erasing the phone call for one of the following:
    1. Going to Device Info and hitting erase. I can't do this because the touch screen is broken.
    2. Resetting from the Palm profile website. I can't do this because the replacement phone is now linked with the Palm profile.

    Is there another way to factory reset the phone without using one of the above two methods?

    And bonus question: There is data and pictures I'd like to get off of the phone but can't because when I connect via USB to computer I can't choose any of the connection options (Media or USB) because the touch screen is broken. Any ideas here?

    Thanks much,
    - Mark
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    Follow the un-bricking instructions to install webos-doctor on the old phone. If I recall correctly, it does not require any screen interaction until after it finishes installing, which means that your phone is wiped.....

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