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    Does anyone know whether we can download and use KML files with google maps. I have downloaded a KML file and can't seem to find a way to open it in google maps. We have 90 miles of cart paths in our little town (Peachtree City, GA) and the city has placed and plotted path markers. The subsequent file a KML file I have been able to download, but can't seem to find a way to force google maps to open the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    PS The file coaster and all the homebrew apps rock! Thanks everyone
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    I'm in a helping mood today so i did a bit of research for you and what i found out is that google maps will open the kml files but they need to be on the web to do so you can not open them from your computer or pre basically what you do is type the url of the file into the search of google maps...

    her's the source of my research..

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    I appreciate it. Since I only have one post it won't let me look at your links. I have tried typing in the URL under google maps on the pre, but when I hit enter nothing happens, oh well. Thanks Again

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