View Poll Results: Would you rather have the cards in card view smaller and more of them?

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  • Yes, more cards viewable in card view would be great.

    13 10.57%
  • No, I like the large cards in card view.

    49 39.84%
  • Maybe, I'd rather have the option to choose myself.

    61 49.59%
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    Yeah, something I've been thinking about lately is, there is going to come a day when we will be able to have many intense programs running at once--we can already open up 35 or so the right hack!

    Stacking would be an interesting option.

    I would also love to see palm play around with a carousel in some capacity, the way Windows Media Home or Sony (ps3/psp) handle it. Maybe program types would automatically be grouped together so while in card view, a swipe down would change the program type from news to games, so if you have 3 games running, suddenly those come into view, while the 5 news apps slide down out of view. Realize that 3 simultaneous games is 1 too many? Swipe up to get rid of it.

    Nothing really changes in card view, since you still only see the main card, and parts of the left and right cards, and you get added functionality. This issue is something we will have to face one day though, and more options are always nice.
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    Is there a patch or something that does this? I like the fifth design (this one) very much.

    I think it's great to get a better overview - maybe a substitution for the tiny card view?
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