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    I have done a lot of looking around but cant really find what sprint actually covers on the palm pre with he tep plan.

    Does it cover;
    Stuck Pixel
    Loose cover
    volume button not working right when low battery
    or twisting case?

    Thanks everyone!
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    They would cover the volume button, just take the phone to Sprint store when the battery is low. Don't tell them its a low battery issue, just let them see its not working. They would probably swap a loose cover. As far as twisting its hard to tell because everyone I've seen has at least some play.
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    here is a tip that might save you money. The tep does cover those things but the warranty on your phone does too. guess what you phone warranty is free and sprint does honor it.

    I am thinking all those things are defects that the manufacturer can take care of through sprint. Call the store and see what they say.

    Sprint Updates Warranty Policy, No More In-Warranty Fees (Updated) |

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