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    I've seen a few people mention as a cheap source for cables and chargers.

    I'm tempted to order from them, but I have a question. A few years ago, my wife and I noticed that the private-label chargers sold by Target used lead. Not that we're health freaks, but I'd rather spend a few extra $$ and avoid something that is coated with lead.

    Any ideas if this an issue with the products from Monoprice?

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    That's a pretty specific question I think only mono would be able to answer and it may vary depending on the product and as you know, they sell thousands of things so good luck getting an answer. That said, I have had a very good experience with monoprice orders for what it's worth. Good luck getting an answer and welcome to the board!
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    I have no idea about lead in any products that I use. Part of the issue that keeps coming up is that many products still contain lead that is not disclosed.

    Sweat, I have had a great experience for years with monoprice for computer, stereo, HDMI, monitor, and USB cables. No idea about lead, radon, PCB's, benzine, or the other 400 carcinogens that are being found in products.

    - Craig
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    Your potential exposure to any lead from such sources is so small that it's really not worth worrying about. You'll get more health benefits by just switching to whole wheat bread, romaine lettuce, and 100% juice.

    FWIW, I've bought cables from before and have always been very happy with the price and quality.
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    Like others, I don't know how you could tell. I have no complaints about there products.

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