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    i've been using the messaging function wonderfully for a couple months. all the chats are saved by the contact name, etc. . . you know how that works.

    well, i decided to delete all the chats, one contact at a time (not one message at a time - that'd take far too long!) now, when i receive a chat, it is no longer saved by contact name under "conversations". it's not being saved anywhere! except...

    when i send a message to, let's say, jeff (a long time txt buddy) our entire history is there! i can manually delete them one message at a time, but i cannot delete the whole thread by contact name because (as i mentioned) the chat is no longer saved by contact name under "conversations".

    i did go into the pre as a USB and i did delete all .attachments/mms folders (just in case one of the old, archived files were corrupted or something) so...yah. don't know how to fix this and would appreciate a little guidance.

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    I am having the exact same issue. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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    I've heard people talk about this issue before. Have you tried deleting the contact and then adding it back to see if that helps?
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    yup, that fix'd it for me!
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    Fixed it for me as well. Thank you!

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