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  • Yes, but it goes away after the phone cools down

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    I just got my 4th pre today (all exchanges). It seems that every one I have had has this issue where when the pre gets warm (touchstone, bluetooth calls etc), the screen will get a yellow discoloration. Originally it was always on the bottom but my last pre it was a vertical line on the left side of the screen and now on my newest one it's down the right side. It usually goes away after it cools down so my question is: Is there a pre out there that does not suffer from this symptom?
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    Yeh, mine. I haven't experienced this. And mine gets hot, 105-110 degrees F (measured with an infrared thermometer). You've got some bad juju with this phone. I take it that it's not a refurb?

    Edit: that temp was at the keyboard while on the touchstone, the screen was about 95 if i remember correctly.
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    I went through 3 Pre's and all had this issue. Also, the 2 Pre's at the store on display had this issue and a couple of random people I talked to at the Sprint store also had this back in June... Seems to be a very common problem with Pre's made in May and June, maybe July/August builds are better? However, the degree of light bleeding also varied alot per Pre - my first Pre only had slight light bleeding on the bottom, but my current Pre has very slight light bleeding on all sides and is really bad in the bottom left corner ;p. Eventually I will replace this Pre (mostly because of the corner light bleed) but everything else on it works just fine so I am a bit weary of exchanging it this early.
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    My build date is 07/28, so I don't think it matters. I also have light leakage with my current (and previous) pre. I returned my last one due to a poor BT antenna and slider crash/shut down problem.
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    no problems here, as of yet.
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    Just started noticing a thin strip by the charging port, but only when the phone is very hot.
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    i only notice a slight discoloration in the corners when i've been talking on the phone for a while at the same time that the phone is charging and has apps open.

    its hardly noticeable and dissapears quickly once the phone starts to cool
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    I am starting to think the build date doesn't matter. I think its luck of the draw. I have had two, one 7/8 and now 7/9, both had the same problem. The first also had the random shutdown. I also notice my keyboard seems really stiff on the new one. I am going to wait a week to replace this one. This is palms last chance. I don't want to do it but if I cant get a phone without defects I am going to the tp2
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    I'm on my 3rd Pre. Exchanged the last one for the screen discoloration and this one has the discoloration in the exact same spot (vertical line on the left side). I'm sticking with this one. It's not worth trying to find a Pre with zero problems.
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    i was on my fourth pre because of this and I got frustrated so I just went and got an iphone 3gs. Im still under att's 30 day trial though so I may comeback to my pre... So far im liking the iphone..minus the multitasking. the only app that i miss in multitasking though was pandora everything else i can live without so far
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    to really find those blotches google "dark green" images and get a screen capture of the dark green then open it and zoom in to eliminate the browser bar and all the discoloration will stand out big time.

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