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    On my third pre. Orea on first. Yellow blotches on second. The third seems fine except it gets very hot when using data intensive programs. It is not the battery that is getting hot, but whatever is on the bottom of the phone. Is anyone else having this problem or thinks it is a cause for concern?


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    Accept it, just accept it........
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    Mine doesn't. My wife's does.

    Unfortunately with this device you have to pick your poison. As the build quality is all over the board.
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    Mine does this too I seem to notice it more if I am having signal issues like in the basement of my house where the signal strength is low if I am at full bars evdo it seems to be ok...
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    I noticed the first day I had mine it seems to get extremely hot near the bottom back of the phone when using it.
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    Mine gets very hot when using data intesive programs like streaming MLB broadcasts or YouTube videos. It gets a little warm when charging. It's fairly common though. My Samsung SPH-A920 (regular camera phone with media player buttons) got pretty hot when streaming Pandora. My Mogul didn't get that warm but my wife's Touch Pro got very warm quite often.

    It's really not hurting anything and if that's the worst of the problems you have with your 3rd Pre, you should consider yourself lucky.
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    no problem here, not yet anyhow.
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    I guess it is not a cause for concern. My wife says her blackberry gets hot as well. Maybe it is common with smartphones. If it gets too hot I guess it will shutdown.
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    i think it is the microprocessor heating up since it is not coming from where the battery is located
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    I noticed the same thing. With my new pre, under 1.0.4, when I had it set to get email from exchange as it arrived, it would go nuclear hot. And the battery would plummet, you could almost watch the gas gauge drop. Once I changed that setting, it was more normal. Under 1.1, the overheating stopped with the same setting.

    While using data intensive apps, I notice it gets hot. I thought it odd that people were complaining about the battery getting hot while with mine, it was the lower right of the pre when looking at the back that heated up. Opening the device reveals the battery being higher than the heat spot, just don't know what that part is that seems to be hot enough to keep a cup of coffee warm.

    And with this post...I hit 10!! Yippee!
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    This is my first pre, and I have to admit, I absolutely love the phone!!!! I can deal with the battery issue (I always keep my charger with me and in the car), as well as the apps catalog (using homebrew right now, love it, know more apps are to come in a while), but the only things that bother me at all are the signal issue and the heating up. I swithced from the sidekick lx 2009, and that one only got hot when it was charging. Reading the forums, if that is the only issue that I am having, I guess I am lucky, and will just keep loving my phone.
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