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    Sadly today another pre met an early death. My wife's phone, which had been working prefectly, died this afternoon. No, she did not drop it, get it wet or damage it in any way. It was workingly flawlessly until she took it an put it on the Palm charger, upon returning to the phone for normal use the touchscreen did not sense her touch.

    So step one, figure out how to cycle off the phone. Soft reset using the keypad and upon restart... nothing. Battery out for 20 minutes as indicated by a few on this forum with other issues... nothing. No way to do a hard reset without the touchscreen, so take it to the Sprint store. They fiddle with it for an hour and say they are order a replacement phone to be in on monday or tuesday. Last step, due a remote erase to see if factory defaults and software are an issue, enter palm website and hit erase. Phone reset to palm start up and no method to communicate view touchscreen.

    Which brings me to some advice for PALM and developers with the ability to do something about this. In the tech world you have redundancy, the pre or any touch screen phone of this caliber should have an equal key input for every touch input. Example: To use webosdoctor you have to choose between just charge, media sync and usb modes. I could not find any means to make that selection without touch screen functionality. So webdoctor would not work, even in the sprint store they said that they could not flash the phone or try and other method to restore the phone (assuming it was a software issue) without being able to effectively access developer mode. Having hacked a thing or two in my life there is usually a back door, but none anyone could think of that would allow us to flash the phone and truly determine if this was a software or hardware issue.

    For instance, I could not run the webOSdoctor because I could not select from turn off, media sync or just charge. Had there been a keyboad input to toggle and select I might have been able to save the phone if it was truly a software and not a hardware issue. Also, instead of having to demote my wife to a junk drawer razor, she could have used the basic phone features via the keyboard until the replacement came in. Just some thoughts....

    I will give credit to sprint to handling the exchange due to defect. I am past the thirty days by just 5 days with my wifes phone. LOL, I had just jokingly posted this image on ths forum for a police officers Pre.. Karma!
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    They probably didn't have to being 5 days over but man for a flagship phone I am really starting to wonder...hum...

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