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    The Q-tip trick worked for me. Thanks guys.
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    Same problem here, plugged the headphones in while on voicemail, put them in and out until the phone worked again. Yea since I love this phone
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    Try a combination of alcohol and plug in /take out a different set of earphones...this worked for me.
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    I had this problem and suffered with it for a week. Last night I took it to the Sprint store. The guy said they replaced the headphone jack and the problem should not come back.
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    I had the same issue with my Pre. The earpiece quit working after using the headphones. Rebooting and removal of the battery did not help. 3 very small squirts of tuner cleaner (Radio Shack) and a good workout with the headset jack fixed the problem. I'm guessing the issue is gunk buildup on one of the ear piece jack contacts that trigger the switching of modes in the phone.

    Good luck.
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    this same problem just happened to me. What happens is lint builds up in the jack from the phone being in your pocket. When you plug in the headset or mp3 wire, the lint gets pushed into a tight ball at the bottom, making the phone believe the wire is still plugged in. You need to find a paperclip or pin and dig out the lint ball.
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