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    +1 for me on this post. Only problem I ran into was the instructions for Mac. It said something about 1.6, and using Software update to get the latest java. Software update told me all was updated, but I couldn't see anything in the java prefs about 1.6.

    What I did was drag the highest java version (Java SE 6) to the top of both lists in the Java Prefs apps (close to the instructions) and after that, everything worked!
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    yeah, you need to drag Java SE 6 to the top on a mac.

    Otherwise, definitely +1, tried it today. I had no idea it was so slick, and really worked easily. I love my phone even more now! PrePod rocks!
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    thanks for the info!
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    Quote Originally Posted by darrinaltman View Post
    Just wanted to let any of you worried about not being able to install homebrew apps and setting it up on Pre - But really want to.

    I just followed the PreCentral Homebrew Quick Install Procedures and it was simple and painless and now I have several really cool apps on my Pre. I have no clue as to coding or any technical computer things and I ran into no problems at all.

    I shut off developers mode and will only install apps listed through File Coaster. I am so excited about this!

    Here is a link to the procedure I followed:

    BTW I am on a Mac and didnt have to do anything special.

    Thank you for posting this, Darrin.
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    I can't get Software Update to recognize that my Java version is still 5. Is there any way to force Software Update to download and install Java SE 6? The Java website has no help for this; all the Mac links refer you to Software Update.
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