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    Not to sound ungrateful for all the wonderful work all you really smart people have done on all the Home Brew apps.. but, while there are a LOT of fun things there, why arent there more settings related useful things there, that can sorta fill in some of the gaps that Palm left out?

    I mean, the games, very cool and fun, the calculators, ya, cool, and useful..

    My Notification, is a start, but just makes me want MORE, more settings to be able to configure.

    The ONE that really stands out and SCREAMS at me to have is one to let ME change that AWEFUL GREEN Dialer color, "easily". I did root my pre, but I would like to have an app on the phone that just lets me change the dialer color when I want to.

    The other one , while My Notifications is a really good start, is to have the ability to change the sounds for different events. I want an audio cue if its Email OR Text, OR Calendar, OR SMS..

    Is anyone out there working on these two really needed issues???

    Thanks for all those that DO such great stuff here.. but Im GREEDY!! I want MORE!
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    The dialer background is a graphics file (well, actually, three). That'd be more of a theme request, but the problem with the app is, that there's no file access yet AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.

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