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    Quote Originally Posted by MLJones8 View Post
    That post is from 7/17/09.... the application no longer requires rooting.

    - I use AutoCorrectEdit it's a great app.
    Yes, but at the time Paladin replied, AutoCorrect Edit was still not available without rooting. In fact, I distinctly remember looking for it when I first posted here, and it had been pulled from the main repository and wasn't available at all, rooting or otherwise. But you are correct, ACE is available now and it's a fantastic app. I use it almost daily to make changes to my dictionary. Oh, and apparently I'm not the only one who noticed the whole capitalization thing, either, because in one of Rick's posts, he lists "rr|Are" and "uu|You" as a couple of the entries he uses. It's nice to see I'm not the only anal one here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dswissmiss View Post
    I generally use proper English, but as a New Yorker, telling someone you're on the R train can get really annoying.
    yes, it suuuuuuuure does! Especially when giving directions and you LIVE off the R train.
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