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    I love the pre's browser but why doesn't it have wrap around text like opera. when browsing pages I always have to keep pinching to read text. on opera I could double tap and the text would always fit the screen. double tap doesn't seem to work well on some pages.

    I also notice that some forums the browser does not scale everything in a column. this causes a lot of excessive scrolling.
    do you guys think this will be addressed?
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    I can't say I have this problem. Are you waiting to let the browser finish loading before you try and double tap a column? The other thing you could do is the double tap to zoom, then the double tap to zoom out. That's how I refocus on badly designed web pages with terrible columns

    EDIT: As clarification here, yes double tap focus does work prior to a web page loading completely, but not always! It's up to you to figure out which web pages will cause problems.
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    I'm letting the pages load but there is still no wrap around. the double taps don't even register on some pages. always worked in opera. hopefully there will be tweaks to come.
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    Mind sharing a couple url's so i could test this out? I am curious, maybe it's a bug I haven't come across.
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    it's another forum. ppc forum insert another word for dork. don't know if there are rules against this. if you figure it out try to read posts and you'll see what I'm saying
    every other phone I use it works just fine.
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    You talking about ppcgeeks then, no issue mentioning it. I have this issue cuz the palm browser doesn't have text wrap, I just flip it to landscape to read comfortably
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    Glad I'm not the only one. The browder should have this feature
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    I noticed that the 1.1 update broke the double-tap zoom on some sites. The side columns in Blogger sites used to zoom perfectly with a double-tap, now they don't (and the links in side columns don't work anymore either). Hopefully, they'll fix it with the next update.
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    I juat swapped out my pre yesterday and your right. I am using 1.03 and double tap works every time and when I updated on my last phone I couldn't get it to work on 40% of the sites I visited. I am not gonna update till it makes me.
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    what he means is that when you zoom in instead of the double tap zooming in to a preconfigured column on Opera the browser lets you adjust the zoom level and resize the column text to fin inside the zoomed in window.

    Example, lets say you double tap but the text is too small for your eyes. In Opera you can zoom in more and the text will wrap around the screen and zoom in to fit all of the column in the zoomed in window.

    I really hope palms adds this soon
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    Oh. I don't know about that, the iPhone doesn't do this that I am aware of. Does any webkit browser do that? I'm not sure if Opera Mini is a webkit browser.
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    Im not sure if any webkit browser does this.

    Man i'm so happy I don't have to use that Opera trash anymore. It sucked soooooo bad.
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    Well opera wasn't that bad...flash, copy & paste, text wrap around and could be tweaked through opera config. Webkit is better for scrolling and fast render. The pre is a little better for some things but lacks in some ways. Not bashing it though. I just wish we could tweak it to our liking
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    The Hero's browser has text wrap and its webkit last I checked

    Opera wasn't that bad either, I actually liked it till I had to type a reply in forums, text lag by the mile....

    I really don't mind the text thing much since I read in landscape and it fits perfectly, but web downloading is really getting to me...
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    Its getting to me too. I really wish I could download things and have a file explorer to go with it. Oh well I guess we will wait and see what the future holds.

    I like the browser on android. I was running it on my htc touch and its pretty nice. I haven't used it enough to judge though. I heard the browser on android is the slowest vs opera and the pre
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    The text wrap thing is annoying but,not being able to download images grom the web is like n opera really blows me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by triggerman53 View Post
    The text wrap thing is annoying but,not being able to download images grom the web is like n opera really blows me.
    Well, fileCoaster allows image downloads, so that's an option.
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    I can't believe there is not more fuss about the lack of this feature in the Palm Pre browser! I have had my Palm Pre only one day and I am thinking of returning it over this single issue. On my HP IPAQ PDA I have several view options (Windows Mobile OS) I can position a zoom window inside the entire desktop and pan (kind of like the Pre) or fit the entire page to the screen (like the Pre in zoom wide mode) or I can select the "column" mode and get a single vertical column of text that WRAPS so that I can see it.

    The Pre fits the column to the screen without wrapping the text so many of the websites I visit are not viewable without having to scroll left and right. Even in landscape, the text is too small to read, unless I zoom in and then I have to scroll right and left. I'm sure this seems very picky to some, but when you are used to having such a basic feature on a $100 PDA, one expects to have it on a $500 smart phone!

    Sure, if the web site was written properly, it would not be a problem. I have no problem with the big guns that have designed their sites properly. But I need easy access to the others without constant scrolling left and right!
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    they did some nice updates to the browser with the new update and I thought for sure they would have fixed the issue. If they haven't done it yet then I would guess it might not come. The browser is good but could be better. I just don't know if the coding is difficult or its just not in palms list
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    I dislike how links that oughta take me directly to a specific post or a certain part of a webpage, only take me to the page. I then have to scroll, like a mad-man... with no scroll bar to know how far along I am... and with no search function to help me jump to the section(s) I need.
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