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    When typing in a text field, is there any keyboard equivalent of directional arrows to move the cursor around? The only way I have found is to touch the general area of the mistake and use the backspace to delete it. I find it VERY hard to get to the exact place I want like that....usually end up retyping a lot more.
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    Press the orange button and hold it down and move your other finger on the screen.
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    +1. Palm failed here. The most painful thing about using this phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    +1. Palm failed here. The most painful thing about using this phone.
    Disagree.. It's pretty easy to navigate by holding down the orange button and swipping left/right/up/down.
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    Additionally, holding the up arrow will highlight text with a swiping motion.
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    Thank god... I've had my pre for two months now and didn't see this thread until today. I just tried using the orange button to navigate inside the text and I feel so darn relieved.
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    Still sucks.

    What I don't understand is people who go nuts over lack of apps in the app store but don't expect Palm to come up with better text editing. Not to mention calendar entries.
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    I wouldn't call it "easy". Most of the time I find the cursor either doesn't move if I don't swipe long enough, or if I swipe longer it moves too far, or it refuses to move to the left of the first character on a line. I find it so difficult to move a single character position that it's quicker for me to just backspace and retype that character later. Tips: make sure you do this swiping outside of that text field, and continuously hold down that orange button because if you let it up then your swiping can be interpreted as something else.

    There was a utility on Treo 700p which made it so easy and accurate to use the D-pad to move one character at a time, hold the directional button down to move multiple characters, hold shift while doing it to move one word. In many ways a touch screen is a step backwards.

    When I read chowd's post I had to go look at my keyboard because I felt sure there weren't any directional arrows and wanted to see how I could possibly have missed an up arrow. What he means by "up arrow" is the shift key (which, to be fair, has painted on it an upward pointing arrow).
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    Meh it works for me...will admit, took a bit to et used to. But There is an ever so slight movement delay when you slowly swipe....once you get used to it I don't misplace the cursor too often.

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