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    I've searched, didnt see it. Im having bad problems with my pre. Resetting does nothing.
    In the middle of a call, it will just go to a bad electrical popping/buzzing noise. If I hang up, it will be right there when I try to call back. I can wait 15 minutes and it may finally quit. Very sporadic. I can't hear anything on the other end, and the person Im speaking to hears the noise as well.
    Any suggestions?
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    Okay, so nobody else has this problem?
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    Are you near speakers or other things like this when it happens?
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    Nope. It changes randomly no matter where I am.
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    I had this problem whenever I called my buddy who has Verizon. I dont know if that has anything to do with it. But it was like this buzz noised for the first second when he answered his phone. Sounded like something out of the Matrix. It went away on its own. Still enjoying the Pre in little new ways everyday.
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    hmm, this happened to me yesterday calling someone on verizon as well
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    looks like it's a hardware problem for sure. They are going to swap it out today.
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    Speaker probably going bad. Glad you're getting it switched out!
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    I had a few thoughts about the causes:

    Homeland Security



    The person you are talking to is making a buzzing noise to make you go crazy.

    ....after all those, then maybe a hardware problem.
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    Did you notice if your slider was slightly open? I think I'm starting to have a similar issue but I then notice (if I'm holding the phone up to my ear) that the keyboard slider has slightly opened. IDK if this is your issue but thought I'd throw that out there...

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