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    I recieved a muti-media text message (Picture with audio sound)....Is there a way to forward this message to another person?
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    No sorry
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    Not stock configured pre no, but if you root and apply patches to the os, then yes you can forward texts, picture messages, audio messages, anything that resides in your "messaging app"

    My Post count is too low to give you a link, but it is at http : // www . webos-internals . org / wiki / Main_Page

    I already have this patch applied and have been able to forward sms and mms items. I also applied the ringer patch to change the sms/mms alert tone using an older version of "my notifications"
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    Everyone has already seen the lulz, just keep it to yourself and help keep everyone's phone a better place.

    I understand people want text forwarding, but I could do without all the BS that gets forwarded to me on a daily basis.
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    quick question. I don't ever forward text but yesterday I wanted to forward a mms to email. if this option is put on the phone, will we be able to do this?

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