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    Had my pre for almost 2 months without a single problem until this big one.

    Yesterday i noticed that i couldn't turn my pre on. Not with the slider and not with the power button. I assumed that battery was dead so i hooked it up to my charger. When i checked it a few minutes later, i noticed the batter was already at 80%. Awfully fast i thought. Odd.

    Today again i couldn't turn on the phone. But this time i KNEW the battery couldn't be dead because i had just charged it. So i hooked up the charger, and after the initial "palm logo" boot-up...the phone turns on and it immediately shows 94% battery!

    I left it on the charger until it hit 100 and then i unhooked it. After a couple minutes of use, i put it down and let the screen shut off. And once again, i couldn't turn it back on!!!

    So here's my current situation. I can use the phone just fine and as long as i long i have it hooked up to the charger. But once i unhook the charger, it won't last more than a few minutes. Once the screen shuts off (either manually or after idle time) i can't turn it back on. Hook up the charger and it starts to work again...showing full battery!

    I searched the forum and couldn't find this specific problem. (Please show me the way if i just missed it). Before i call up sprint to let them have it...has anyone else had this happen to them?????
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    My GF's pre had that problem. A few times we caught it giving a low battery alert with a green battery. We screenshotted it and sprint replaced it

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