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    So in my state this weekend is tax free weekend, and there happens to be a sale on Pre's at Radio shacks. I've been lusting after a Pre since February, but haven't bought one yet because I'm going back to college in a another state in a week and I wanted to make sure sprint covers my campus well enough before the 30 day return period was used up.

    ANYWAY, now that this sale is up and going, I've been thinking about getting a Pre a week early here in this state, but I have a few questions.

    If my Pre was purchased at a radio shack and there's a problem/defect, will they be able to replace it just like a sprint store would?

    There's a corporate sprint store near my campus, if I took my (radio shack) Pre to them, would they replace/fix it as well, or would they not since I didn't buy it there?

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    Those are questions you should ask Radio Shack. My assumption is that you would most likely have to go the Sprint store.
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    I bought a centro and a pre from radio shack. While I haven't had any problems all you need is the sprint cell insurance and you can go to any sprint store for fixes.

    Side note: both times I bought my phones when my contract wasn't up. No fees applied. Must be the shack thing.
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    You will have to get sprint insurance. Radioshack only repairs phones and the unit would take about 7 days before you get it back.
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    Are there Radio Shacks anywhere near your school?

    I bought my Pre locally at a Radio Shack (My brother got one from the same Radio Shack on release date).

    I had a problem with my power button (and after my 30 days). I had no issues at all exchanging it. Once they realized I wasn't trying to get my money back, all was good. For them, it is 30 days for refunds, 90 days for exchanges. That is also something to keep in mind, as everyone is concerned about their 30 day window.

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    If you need to return the phone in the first 30 days, then you would need to take it to a Radio Shack. If you have a manufacturer defective phone in the first year, you can take it to a Sprint corporate store (that does repairs) where they will repair or replace (with a refurbished phone). If you have a damaged or lost/stolen phone and have equipment protection, call Asurion or go to their website and file a claim.
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