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    Just wondering if the Pre has been spotted on any TV shows? While watching Rescue Me they mentioned a hot new phone, but it wasn't the Pre. It would of been the prefect scene for it.
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    I guess the answer is no. Its strange a remember seeing the Centro on alot of shows, maybe its still to early.
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    Yes, there was another thread on here about the Pre being seen in different places. Apparently "Better Off Ted" was one (and the Pre was growing hair!), but I wouldn't know because my stupid DVR messed up and deleted my recordings before I got to see them! (The DVR forgot to stop recording after one show was done, putting 15+ hours of recording I didn't want on it and deleting shows I did want! GRR.) They prob'ly have the shows online, but I haven't gotten around to checking/watching that way yet.
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    I've noticed the show "Burn Notice" has been "brought to you" by the Pre for the past couple weeks, but I haven't seen it on the show.
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    Most of these shows were likely filmed well before the Pre was released. Give it some time, I'm sure the fall TV season will be filled with Pres in the hands of the likes of Horatio Cane and Jethro Gibbs.
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    I remember last fall the Instinct showed up on Desperate Housewives (I think). If I remember correctly, they were also using it for video chat as well. I laughed out loud when I saw that. I had bought my Instinct two or three months before - and by that time was thoroughly dissatisfied with it. I know the Pre has it's shortcomings - but after 1 year with the Instinct, the Pre is pure heaven!

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    well 24 has always used Sprint phones, and they used the palm 700p, and the Instinct. I would be willing to bet they will use the great Palm Pre during the 8th and final season of the best show ever to grace the small screen
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    Since most stuff on tv now was filmed before the pre came out, I suspect the pre will get some airtime come fall when new shoots start showing up.
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    not sure if it was intended but in that rescue me scene, they seem to take a slight shot at the iphone, when shelia misspells the word she is sending in the text message
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    I thought I saw Turtle with one on Entourage last week.
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    its on the new season of heros AND desprate housewives

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