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    Possible to use both at the same time?
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    Of course you can, this is the beauty of multitasking. I never close anything until I am prompted to toss cards to free up memory. Performance suffers with this of course, but I listen to Pandora and have Sprint Nav running while I reply to text messages and emails.

    My iPod touch feels so archaic in comparison having to close an app to do something else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skysurfer View Post
    Possible to use both at the same time?
    And play music, take a call, text, check the weather etc. etc.

    I assume you're asking about the Pre and you are a bear that just woke from hibernation.
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    .... have you used the Pre?

    If no, run into a Sprint store and try it out, unless you are in Canada. Then wait for two and a half weeks.

    If yes, try it.
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    the great thing about running pandora and nav at the same time is the music gets muted when the prompts from sprint nav go off and then the music volume goes back up. awesome.

    On my other phones the music would stop completely and lose signal while the prompts would go off and then I would get a whole new song playing. lame

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