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    Has anyone figured out a bulletproof search to use in the Amazon mp3 app to find all free songs that are currently on Amazon? "Free" sort of works, but it also finds anything with "free" in the title. I'm sure there must be a way to do it, I just don't know the app well enough.
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    It's not even easy to search Amazon on-line for free songs or special priced albums etc. It's actually kind of a mess to say the least. But they do have some sweet deals, when someone finds them for you then emails or posts about it.
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    I downloaded a couple of free albums and found that my "recommended for you" page had quite a few free songs or albums, and many of them were indeed of interest to me (we're talking obscure stuff here, you won't get top 40 this way, why should they?). But if you've found and downloaded something for free, you might check your recommendations (near the top of the amazon page just to the left of the center).

    Also, you can do a search for whatever type of song floats your boat, then find the "sort by" option at top right of the list of results, and choose "sort by price, low to high".

    Finally, they have a "special deals" MP3 store page here: MP3 Special Deals: MP3 Downloads

    It is mostly cheap but not free stuff, but there are quite a few free things mixed in.
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    On your pc, go here:

    Amazon Free Songs

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