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    You have the options of:
    1xRTT only
    EVDO Rev 0 only
    Hybrid Rev 0
    EVDO only
    Hybrid Rev A

    What does each of these mean, and what this the effect? It is defaulted at Hybrid Rev A. Im assuming this means it switches between 3G and 1x....
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    They're pretty self-explanatory.

    1xRTT only - Defaults to only 1xRTT for both voice and data (Vision)
    EVDO Rev 0 only - Defaults to the previous version of EVDO (rev 0)for data, 1xRTT for voice
    Hybrid Rev 0 only - Switches between EVDO Rev 0 and 1xRTT as needed
    EVDO only - Will not use 1xRTT for data
    Hybrid Rev A - Switches between EVDO Rev A and 1xRTT as needed
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    which one is best for your battery?
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    for calls and just texting and web browsing of mobile sites ie.. then 1xRTT only will work great and your battery will last about 30-40% longer. I do it all the time.

    If you are trying to view regular sites with heavy browsing. I would suggest leaving it the way it is. If you change it to the wrong thing you might not be able to get text messages.
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    Why wouldnt I be able to get text messages?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitch2k12 View Post
    Why wouldnt I be able to get text messages?
    Messaging and voice run on 1xRTT, so you should be able to get them in any signal strength.
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    Does anybody notice a time change whenever you switch between Hybrid Rev A and EVDO Only?

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