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    Had my original Pre since the Wednesday after launch and abused the heck out of it no case, no screen protector and i drink and drop my phone ALOT! lol Anyway was driving home from a customers house and went to answer a call couldn't hear anything because the phone was stuck on the lowest volume (as well as the oreo issue thats been going on and the accelerometer wasn't working quite right)had to use the cars Bluetooth so I could talk on the phone. Took it back to sprint because there is just noway to hear anyone on it with the volume on low (or maybe i'm partially def?) They took 20 mins to "look it over" then did a full exchange for a brand new one, they gave me the full retail box with a new charger case and headphones. No problems. Gotta say once again I am impressed with the sprint customer service, I didn't even have to whine or get angry.

    This new build seems to work much better then the last one screen is much more solid, no oreo effect.
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    That's good to hear and congrats on getting a brand spankin new Pre...but for god's sake, TAKE BETTER CARE OF THIS ONE!!!

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