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    Will the pre EVER be able to support UMA and use wifi to make and recieve calls even when your out of the country? I would pay liek 50 dollars for an app like this or even 2-5 dollars a month.

    Is it Sprints Network that needs to support this? I know t mobile phones can do this that have wifi.

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    My understanding is that UMA requires special hardware installed in the phone. Tmo's G1, although wifi equipped, doesn't have it.

    UMA (in a BB) worked great while I was with Tmo (for my apartment), but the Airave and Sprint's 3g network is a better solution for me.

    Everyone but Tmo is going the femtocell route, one reason being that they support any phone. But if Tmo ever gets the Pre, I would think there is a chance that it will be UMA equipped. I never used it at hotspots, but I can see why it would be a good thing while traveling abroad.
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    Sprint will never support this in other countries.

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