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    The other day I was editing a memo on my Pre and decided that I did not want the changes that I made. I could not find a 'Undo' feature or figure out how NOT to save the changes.

    Is there anyway to do this?

    Luckily I emailed all my memos earlier in the week so I could go back and get what I had before.
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    there is no undo. ( i wish there was)
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    Option 1) Back space over and over
    Option 2) Select range and back space
    Option 3) Delete memo and start over

    I'd just like to see it with a little more function and a little less "cutesy". I'd like to be able to cross things out like when using it as a list, such as grocery list etc. I'd also like cursor moving and selection to work batter, like it does in other apps.

    It's all cute, with the cork board and all, but it's just not all that user friendly. Or, we need some new apps to replace it.
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    The task list works for grocery is preety good. Easy to check off items and purge without clearing entire list.
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    I hope they add the simple "shake" undo feature that the iPhone has, it is much needed!

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