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    Has anyone had the experience when talking on the Pre and both parties are speaking at the same time, that the party you are speaking to "cuts out" (you can't here them)?
    It is like the phone is in 1/2 Duplex Mode. I haven't tested this in speakerphone or headset mode.
    I'm afraid it is time to exchange and I have been absolutely thrilled with my Pre.
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    Yes, unfortunately I have noticed this too. It is usually me cutting out on the other party so they can't hear me if we both spoke at the same time.
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    I just got back from the local Sprint store. One of their reps has a pre and we tested this on his phone. It did the exact same thing as my phone. Is this ome of the known issues that might be fixed with a software upgrade?
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    I see that your post is months old, unfortunately I have just started experiencing interference (static that drowns out the conversation) if I speak when the other party is speaking at the same time. I have returned a number of phones for other reasons but not for this problem.

    Now the new phone I just got has the same problem but I see very few posts about this problem and am concerned that this followed me on two new phones. Loyal Palm fan just wants the phone to work. The rest of the platform is getting better. Help?
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    I believe it is part of Sprint's compression technology. I have noticed this on many phones going back several years. It doesn't always happen, but it happens often enough. I've also noticed over the years that if the other person isn't saying anything, the speaker goes completely silent as if the call was dropped. I think that's another case of Sprint trying to save some bandwidth on their voice channels.
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    Thanks for the reply. My only problem is this is happening on every call. I think i just have to try another exchange but was hoping to get a little intel before my next trip to Sprint.

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