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    I am trying to install some Homebrewed apps and have downloaded the WebOS Quick Install and have put my Pre into developermode. When I click install with the WebOSQuickInstall in either USB or Emulator it comes up with this error message:

    ERROR 1: Connection refused: connect ;

    then is immediately follows with

    ERROR: No device found.

    I have it connected to my PC tower in just a USB in the front. I selected for it to only charge. Suggestions?
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    Not sure if this is the issue you are having, but you might have to install the driver for the pre.

    1) Go To USBnet networking setup - WebOS Internals
    2) Under the "On Windows XP," right click on the driver link, either 32 bit or 64 bit depending on your system, and select "Save Target As."
    3) Save the file as usbnet-pre.inf
    4) Connect your pre to your computer via usb.
    5) Install the driver (if you don't know how, follow instructions at Windows XP usbnet - GumstixDocsWiki

    Sidenote: In these instructions it mentions gumstix, which has confused many people, myself included. Just ignore that. You will find the linux.inf file (usbnet-pre.inf) where you saved it to.

    Give it a try.
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    Does this work for Vista?
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    Vista seems to have automatically installed a driver for it. It's not working or do I need to override it?
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    This is the driver info:
    Palm Novacom Properties

    Palm Novacom

    Driver Provider: Palm
    Driver Date: 11/30/2008
    Driver Version:
    Digital Signer: microsoft windows hardware compatibility publisher

    Is that accurate? Sorry for all the questions. If palm would just step it up we wouldn't have to go through all this to get decent programs! Hats off to all you are working on all of this!
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    I have it working in vista.

    Make sure you have developer mode on first.

    I had that problem too.
    I got it to work after I downloaded webOS doctor from precentral.

    The second I got it to work by restarting the pre while it was connected.
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    Okay, so I am still not getting this. I have webos doctor. Should I delete it for now?
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    I installed WebOSQuick Install and it immediately told me I needed to download WebOS Doctor. So should I not use the one it installed? Install the one from precentral?
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    I am running Vista 32-bit if that makes a difference.

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