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    this morning i erased all my messages and for some reason when my girlfriend would send me a message using sms the sound would play but it would say no messages until i sent her one, and then the original string that i deleted would come back in full. as soon as i closed the card, it would say no conversations again. if i switched to gtalk it would show the thread once again. if i tried to erase each message manually, i would get tons of blank space where the messages were. alternatively, if i swiped each one off, rather than the messages erasing, it would accumulate a list of "delete" or "cancel" options.

    i hard reset my phone twice, full reset not partial, which fixed the sms, and the threads, but now i cant get my gtalk to work. it appears to be replicating my gmail account, and my girlfriend sent me a gtalk message to my gmail, and somehow sprint rerouted it through sms. additionally, with the gtalk now setup, if i go to logout and login, i can use anything for the password, and it appears to remail logged in.

    this is extremely annoying. anyone know of a fix?
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    am i the only unlucky *******???

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