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    I cracked my screen and thanks to insurance I have a new pre. I wasa misled by palm that I would be able to access my usb drive so I activated the new phone. Now I can not activate the old phone and retrieve some pretty important pictures and my ringtones, everything else seems to have synchronized from the cloud.

    After going through every level at palm they told me they can not support this but a linux expert can access the drive. I don't know anyone and I need to send the phone back...can anyone please help.

    Please don't respond that I should have backed them up, I now know this, I searched the threads. I am a treo user and the pics where copied to the PC. They should add access as a usb drive it would be so simple.
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    The only thing i can think of is if you previously setup to be able to use winSCP you can access linux over it and copy the files from winSCP to your pc. Outside of that I'm not sure. Perhaps you will get better answers on webow-internals irc chat. They seem to know a lot about linux and may have a way for you to get the files if you didn't setup for winSCP.

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