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    I've seen that if I reset the pre, it loses the sound settings when it comes back. for example my volume setting for the ringer changes after a reset.

    i also had system sounds set to off, after reset i noticed they were on again, however when i went to the sound/ringtone config page it said it was set to off. i had to toggle it on/off to get it to get back to off.

    anyone else seen this?
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    Yes, and I'm surprised that I don't see more people talking about this.

    After a reset, the following occurs:

    (1) My ringer volume is set to 0. I need to manually move it back to 100%.

    (2) My system sounds button says "off" and the volume is set to 0, but I get them anyway. I need to manually move the volume slider up and then back to 0, as well as manually move the on/off from off to on, and then back to off. Any other combination gives me system sounds (which I don't want). As an aside, what's the point of having off/on for system sounds when setting the volume to 0 should do the same thing?

    It's kind of annoying, given that I have some reason to reset the phone every few days.
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    I have the opposite problem. My system sounds go to maximum for no apparent reason. I change them, they're OK for a while, then it goes back up. The ringer used to change, but I've set it to max and it seems to stay at that (but I still can't hear it half the time).
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    Happens to me all the time. I am glad I'm not alone. System volume has its quirks also

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