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    Hello Pre friends... I tried to put the apps on my palm pre. I followed the instructions from one of the threads. For some odd reason it is not going to my palm pre.. Can anybody help me out?
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    what did you do? because it is really simple now!

    Did you download

    1) Webquick install: (

    2) It should auto load Novacom: (

    3) Put pre in dev mode by typing ( upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart )
    Select dev mode turn on restart pre. Repeat the same to turn off dev mode.

    4) Connect pre to computer, select charging only, your computer should be down loading a
    driver. You should see quick installer on your desk top

    5) Select apps or (filecoaster ) if you want to do it on the pre like the regular
    app catalog which is easier. Once you do this you don't have to use quick
    install just use filecoaster from the pre but don't delete you may need it in the
    future, when Palm updates the OS.

    6) Make sure you are sign into Precentral when you are at the homebrew apps
    so that you can download the apps which must be ipk. Do not select the
    email option it will not work.

    7) Download to your downloads folder then drag it to the quick installer you
    should see in the installer, hit install and the app loads. You should see the app on the
    first app page of the pre. You can operate your pre while connected to the computer.
    keep it connected until you got your apps, at least filecoaster. Once you have file coaster
    just load apps from the pre. don't forget to turn off off dev mode. Some people leave it on
    but i like to put return to normal. Recommend downloading Dev mode launcher so you don't
    have to type in that code to turn on/off dev mode.

    Can't get any simpler then this, it's so easy a cave man can do it, I hopes this helps. I don't know your OS but but i'm using vista HP 32Bit. Some people have trouble with 64Bit, I had that once and some of my programs didn't work sold it got 32Bit.
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    Man.. Kinster your quick! lol.. I finally figured it out. I was coming back to my post and type that I finally got it then I see your reply. LOL!! But thx for the info though.. I appreciate it.

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