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    I have been using Sprint Navigation for a while with good success. I am curious to find out if there are any advantages to using Google Maps.
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    not with this version of google maps
    other versions have bookmarks, latitude, etc....
    the only a better overview feels less confusing in my opinion
    if that makes any sense
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    I wish there was a integrate the GPS with Google Maps. Like, open Sprint GPS if you click on "get turn by turn GPS directions" from Google Maps.
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    I prefer the 2D map in Google Maps over Sprint Nav's 2D map. The 3D maps are nice in Sprint Nav, nothing like that in GMaps. Google Map doesn't have turn by turn directions spoken aloud, so you're forced to look at the map for reference. I wish the Sprint Nav was a bit louder. Both have pro's and con's.
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    That's just it. Since Google Maps does not speak to you, I don't see why someone would choose to use it over Sprint Nav especially when driving.
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    i LOVE my sprint nav, always works and is always dead on. i also LOVE google maps for that quick point of reference, you know "yea i live at 12345 main street....type it in and theres a really fast reference point on where your at and where u need to go!!! also google maps is good if i kinda have an idea where im going just type in the street name and follow the little dot!!!

    both very good and would be cool if there was some better intergration...... oh well love em both!!!
    The Wams
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    They both have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on what you are using them for.

    Sprint Nav is great for driving (if you already know where you're going; don't like the local business search too much/don't trust it), GMaps is like an ultra portable Thomas guide with GPS. Good at locating where you are on the world, quick searches using Google's powerful search engine.
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    Google maps in Pre is a Beta product. Period.
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    I've been having a hard time getting Telenav to find my present position, let alone give me directions. Don't know what's up with that, but I don't like it
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    I use Sprintnav when I'm going to a destination.

    I use Googlemaps when I'm just driving around in an unknown area to prevent getting lost.

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    These 2 apps don't compete with one another. They complement each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PookiePrancer View Post
    I've been having a hard time getting Telenav to find my present position, let alone give me directions. Don't know what's up with that, but I don't like it
    Is "Use GPS" set to on, in location services? I've not had any issues like this. Are you in a city with a lot of tall buildings?

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    95% of the time I use sprint nav.... just has alot more in the package. Most of the time when I use sprint nav Im looking for a place to eat or store. Its nice being able to search for it and then with the click of a button get turn by turn nav.
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    I continue to have problems with Sprint Nav finding and keeping my location, Google has always been a great alternative!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jewel View Post
    These 2 apps don't compete with one another. They complement each other.
    How are you using (or suggest using) these apps together to complement each other? Sounds intriguing...
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    Sprint Nav has been great since the Instinct i had and I always wanted a proper working google maps app.

    Sprint Nav: Has great turn by turn audio directions & the 3d map is great

    Google Maps: Is quicker and simpler to use, yet you do have to go check it if you forget what the directions were. I do like how it tracks you though on the map while you drive to your destination with the blue dot.
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    How do you make sprint the default app
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    I have had a few problems with Sprint Nav... I was going to a place in Greenville, NC, and it not only took me a longer rout from the interstate than normal, but also drove us in a circle around the city. We were two blocks from our destination, and it took us four past that, then three right turns later we were at our destination. It also took us through the absolute worst part of town.

    The last time we went, I used Google Maps, and the directions took us a shorter, more direct rout than normal.
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    If I'm driving around an area I know I use gmaps.. Faster and quicker to use... If I actually need directions to an unknown place I use sprintnav. Gmaps is just quicker to use for the most part.
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    I think for the most part it just depends on preference.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of turn-by-turn navigation. I like GMaps because I can see where I need to go and figure out how to get there on my own.
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