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    I'm coming from a Treo 650/680 which had green and red buttons. I don't think I fully appreciated them until today when I accidentally hung up on someone twice, and accidentally erased voicemails. If you're on wired or bluetooth headset or speakerphone, the proximity sensor DOESN'T engage and the screen registers touches very easily.

    I figured out to power off the screen or reduce the phone to a card, but then I lose the ability to dial voicemail commands or mute the microphone.

    Here's a request to the skilled patchers - allow phone control by keyboard when on the phone, ala the TREO. Maybe Gesture-touch+keyboard buttons to mute, dial, hang up, etc, even if the phone is card-ed. Meanwhile, allow me to lock the screen so I can put the phone in my pocket again, like I could with the Treo. At this point, I'm afraid to simply pick it up if I'm on the phone!

    Any other workarounds for the time being?
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    yeah. I just power on and off the screen as needed. its become almost automatic, but a "app for that" would be cool.

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