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    My LED light was randomly on. It was plugged into my charger and I happened to look down at it and there it was, just on... And then when I unlocked the phone, it went away. No clue why and never seen it before. Anyone else?
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    Havent seen that, though it would come in handy as a feature in future apps.
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    I've seen it several times.
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    I have seen it also.
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    Yep, somehow it gets hung every once in a while. I usually just open and close the keyboard and the light turns off.
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    It happens if your finger is in the gesture area when you close the phone and hit the backlight key. If you catch it just right the light will stay on until you open the phone or turn the backlight on
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    Greasy fingers?
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    Well it turns out my boyfriend was messing with it so who knows wut he did lol
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    Mine blinked once yesterday when I had a un-noticed calendar event... I SWEAR!!!!

    it was only once but it flashed when the phone was off, I turned the phone on and a calender event was on the screen... very odd
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    once, thought it was a notification...but just a glitch

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