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    I am usually roaming at work, and I just discovered the data roaming option today. Why is it defaulted to off? And are there any disadvantages to always leaving it on?
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    It is probably defaulted to off to save sprint money, honestly. No disadvantages to turning it on, except for a bigger bill for sprint.
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    Would any of these charges show up on our bill??
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    I spoke with someone at sprint and data roaming is included as part of the everything plan.
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    Ok..I wanna knw how to turn data roaming on becuz everytime I roam it never lets me check my mail nor does it let me browse the internet
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    Are you for serious? Thats been one of the most annoying things - not getting data while roaming. I would love to know how to fix that.
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    Scratch that, figured it out. Go to phone app. Tap the top left menu. Select preferences. Enable data roaming.
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    Wow! And um. you guys didn't know of data roaming? Dang. Sorry.
    Also I've asked two separate sprint reps at two different sprints stores if data roaming charges me extra. Each said absolutely not. And I roam at work all day. Not a single extra charge! Yay sprint. Boooo sprint bashers!
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    ive had the everything 450 plan since i got my centro 2 years back and never had a data roaming charge.

    it is indeed free with everything plans. use it and abuse it!
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    think you can make 50% of phone calls and 50% of data usage on roaming before they reserve the right to take away your phone and dismiss your contract. This happened to a friend of mine on a data card.

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