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    I had my original pre for about 3 weeks now, I really do like it. I'm coming from two years of iPhone. Anyways I'm using the ##3836# setting to go to 1xRTT only mode to save my battery juice. Even though I do see battery life improvement when using this setting I noticed that allot of times when someone calls me it goes right to voice mail even though I have a good signal. And other times my phone would ring just fine when in 1xRTT mode only. Also I noticed that most time my email doesn't get pushed through. And even when I check it manually it still doesn't go through. Is there a way around this or this is what I get for using 1xRTT mode only?
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    On Sprint, when in 1XRTT and you have a data connection, all calls will redirect to voicemail automatically. The Pre spends a lot of time in data sessions, so if you choose to stay in 1XRTT mode, you're going to miss some calls.

    I'm not sure why Sprint never instituted CPOP. That would eliminate the 1XRTT missed call syndrome.
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    I wondered that as well. I had that happen on some calls, and others I would get. I took it off 1x and put it back to ##EVDO# and my battery life is at 28% after 18 hoursifor the past few days. It is odd, but the change to 1x did not help much, but changing back to EVDO made my phone perform like a super star. It is in some way able to conserve battery life with the same amount of usage. I have not made any other changes but I am on sprint only for a network......I hit update the network daily while on break so maybe something changed???? I am not in the know but i like what I am able to do now!!!!

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